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Dr. Denise Cato

Dr. Denise Cato

Director of Federal Program and Special Projects




Local, area, state and federal programs support the success of Camden County Schools.  These programs include, but are not limited to the following areas:

Elementary and Secondary Education Act-Flexibility Waiver
Federal Complaint Procedures
Georgia Department of Education
Title I-Disadvantaged Children

Community Partners
Gifted Education Program
Parent Information


A host of other special projects and activities are also designed to better equip students, parents, school personnel and the community to be an integral part of the building blocks of success among Camden County students.  These activities might include:

For more information on these programs, contact:
 Dr.Denise Cato
or Mitzie Rainey, Secretary


Comprehensive Local Education Agency's Improvement Plan

Comprehensive Local Education Agency Implementation Plan

Parent Involvement Policy.pdf

Camden County Schools Parent Involvement Plan

Camden County Schools’ annual Title I meeting was held  July 29, 2016, at 10:00 AM.   Parents were invited to attend the meeting which was  held in the district office located at 311 S. East Street in Kingsland.  The purpose of the meeting was to review and revise the district’s Title I program initiatives and plan.  

Vision, Purpose, Beliefs

Camden County Schools

Vision, Purpose, Beliefs

 Revised:  9/17/12

District Accreditation Committee


The Camden County School System graduates all students prepared to achieve lifelong goals and to contribute to society.


We will ensure educational excellence in a safe and nurturing environment in which all students reach their potential and become productive citizens.


1.     Everyone can learn.

2.     Education, through a rigorous and relevant curriculum, is a foundation for success.

3.     Education is the shared responsibility of the school system, students, parents, and community.

4.     Accountability is essential and applies to everyone.

5.     Effective operations are essential to a safe, nurturing learning environment.

6.     Diversity of people, resources, and programs enriches and strengthens our learning environment.

7.     Students have the right to highly-qualified, motivated, and talented teachers and staff members who maintain high expectations.

8.     The willingness to engage in the process of continuous improvement is necessary for progress.


Quick Links to Federal Programs & Special Projects

Federal Program Complaints

For Federal Program complaint procedures, please click here.

Flexibility Waiver

Focus Area V - Strong Parental and Community Support

The emphasis of Focus Area V (Strong Parental and Community Support) is on building understanding, trust and support among parents and the community.  The objective of this year's action plan is to increase the number of parents who receive automated progress reports through PowerSchool.   As partners in education, parents are encouraged to take advantage of this tool.  

Focus Area V Goals:

Goal 5.1 Capacity to create, respond to, and sustain meaningful relationships with stakeholders that increases student achievement

Goal 5.2 Stakeholder trust and confidence in schools and the system

Goal 5.3 Recognize student and employee achievement

Goal 5.4 Community and parent involvement sufficient to ensure exemplary student achievement and attendance

Focus Areas.doc.pdf

Georgia Dept. of Education

The Georgia Department of Education hosts many links filled with valuable information for parents, students, teachers, and the public.  

Georgia Department of Education

Information for Parents


Gifted Program

Parent Concerns

Please click here for the procedure for parents to follow when expressing concerns regarding the school system.

Parent Information

Title I