MS. ANGELA METTS EASON, Assistant Superintendent
Phone: 912-729-5687


Brown, Jennifer          Finance Coordinator
Brown, Presley  Bookkeeper: School Activity Accounting and General Ledger                                                management
Drury, Donna  Accounts Payable and Capital Asset database management
Humberson, Donna  Accounts Payable, Employee travel and Registrations
Olveira, Jennifer    Payroll including TRS, PSER, Health Insurance, and Retirement Planning
Hall, Elizabeth          Payroll including employee leave and employee voluntary deductions                                  (life, cancer, TSA's, PAGE, dental)
Wheeler, Cory  Bookkeeper: Grants, Capital Projects, and School-Based Budget                                                                                                                          Management


Questions are often asked regarding the salary determinations for Camden County Schools' employees. Certified employees are individuals that have been issued a professional certificate issued by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. The Georgia Department of Education's State Salary Schedule (*) mandates the minimum salary for all certified employees based on their experience and level of certification. The state salary schedule is funded through the state budget each year by the Georgia General Assembly. Local school systems are reimbursed a major portion of salary costs for certified employees through the Quality Basic Education (QBE) Act. State reimbursements to local systems are adjusted for the training and experience levels of the certified staff within the system. Local school systems typically supplement the minimum salaries required by the state to attract and retain talented professionals who positively influence outcomes for children. The specific salaries paid to certificated personnel in Camden County Schools are published in the Camden County Schools Teacher Salary Schedule and the Camden County Schools Pre-K teacher Salary Schedule.  Salaries are not negotiated through collective bargaining for or by educators in Georgia.


State Salary Schedule does not apply to Bright from the start pre-k certified staff.

Educational Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (ESPLOST)

In 1996 the Georgia Legislature approved steps ultimately leading to a constitutional amendment that allowed local governments, and school systems, to ask citizens to authorize a one-cent Special Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) for municipalities and or a one-cent Special Location Option Sales Tax for Educational Purposes (ESPLOST) for schools. The two sales taxes were to be voted on and approved separately by voters who could choose to approve one, both, or neither. Capital needs of cities and counties such as buildings, roads, bridges, parks, and infrastructure could be addressed by the general SPLOST. School system capital needs such as schools, land for school buildings, school bus purchases, and technology infrastructure were to be addressed using the ESPLOST. Proceeds from either tax could not be used for general operating costs such as personnel or supplies.


Stakeholders approved the Educational Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (ESPLOST) in November 2013. The existing ESPLOST will expire in June of 2019. The past, current, and future  ESPLOST  funding will provide the ability to update the technology within the district, and provide maintenance and safety upgrades to buildings within the district.


On may 22, 2018, the voters approved the continuation of the one percent sales and use tax to allow for the continued success of Camden County's school children without further burdening property owners in the community. Click the links  below to view the  annual operational review. The monthly financial reports contain detail and summary information regarding the current and previous expenditures. Funding necessary to address current and projected capital needs for Camden County Schools has an estimated totals $39,000,000. Current and projected decreases in existing funding sources for education and growing inflationary pressures will prevent Camden County Schools from completing capital projects and improvements needed during the next five to ten years from the district's operating budget. Thank you to the citizens of Camden County for approving the ESPLOST referendum on May 22, 2018. The collections for the new ESPLOST will begin in July 2019.

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