No child shall be admitted to or attend any Camden County school unless the childs parent/guardian shall first have submitted a certificate of immunization to the responsible official of the school. The principal may grant a 30-calendar day waiver of the certification requirement for a justified reason. The waiver may be extended from the date of first admittance or of first attendance, whichever is earlier, for up to 90 calendar days provided that the following requirements are fulfilled. Immunizations

1.Documentation is on file at the school or facility from the local health department or a physician specifying that an immunization sequence have been started.

2.This immunization time schedule can be completed within the 90-day waiver period, provided confirmation is received during the waiver period from the health department or physician that immunizations are being received as scheduled.

3.The student under waiver is a transfer student, who is defined as a student who moves from an out-of-state school system to a Georgia school or a student entering kindergarten or first grade from out-of-state. The waiver may not be extended beyond 90 calendar days; and upon expiration of the waiver, the child shall not be admitted to or be permitted to attend the school unless the child submits a certificate of immunization.

4.In the case of Hepatitis B immunization series, a waiver of 180 days may be granted.

The Department of Human Resources shall promulgate rules and regulations specifying those diseases against which immunization is required and the standards for such immunizations.

Voluntary Pre-enrollment of Two-Year Olds

In accordance with state law, procedures are hereby established to provide for the voluntary pre-enrollment of children at two years of age. All elementary schools shall as part of their spring roundup invite parents of two-year-old children to voluntarily pre-enroll their children in school. A requirement of pre-enrollment shall be the submitting of a certificate of immunization which indicates compliance with age specific immunizations as provided in law.

Board Policy Descriptor: JGCB