Magnolia Realty Honors Student with Donation

Magnolia Realty Honors Student with Donation

Some people have a light that shines so bright that even after they've left us, the warmth of their spirit and smile can still be felt by those left behind. Michael Alexander King is one of those bright and beautiful spirits. Michael was full of life and laughter and love for the Boston Celtics and the Mamie Lou Gross Bulldogs. On January 18, 2012, after a courageous medical battle, Michael passed from this earth and left behind beautiful memories in the hearts of his classmates and community.

Today, Michael's mother, Antoinette Dawson, and the generous hearts at Magnolia Realty visited Michael's elementary school to honor Micheal's life and legacy with a $500 donation to the school. Mr. Matt Kimbrell, Principal of MLGES, was honored to accept the donation on behalf of the school.

Ms. Dawson, realtors from Magnolia Realty and some of Michael's teachers were able to visit the tree that was planted to honor Michael's kind spirit. As you can see in our pictures, the tree has grown tall over the years since it was first planted and it has watched over many happy children on the playground of Mamie Lou Gross.

Thank you to Ms. Dawson and her family for allowing us to share her beautiful son's story and thank you to Mrs. Cecily Hill and everyone at Magnolia Realty for continuing to honor Michael's life and bless his beloved MLGES Bulldog family.

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