Five Strategic Focus Areas

Five Focus Areas

Focus Area 1

Raise the academic challenge and performance of each student.

Goal 1.1 Mastery of essential knowledge and skills by all students Goal 1.2 Eliminate achievement gaps among all students
Goal 1.3 Rigorous, relevant curriculum that exceeds state and national expectations
Goal 1.4 Graduate all students from high school
Goal 1.5 Equip students to be successful after high school in academic and career pursuits

Focus Area 2

Ensure quality personnel in all positions.

Goal 2.1 Effective professional preparation aligned with student success
Goal 2. 2 Recruit, retain, and fairly compensate a diverse corps of quality teachers, administrators and staff

Focus Area 3

Provide safe, orderly environments that support learning

Goal 3.1 Safe, inviting schools, free of harmful behavior that support high student achievement 
Goal 3.2 Exemplary facilities to accommodate projected student membership and program offerings.
Goal 3.3 Expectations for student attendance and behavior conducive to high achievement
Goal 3.4 Relationships with every student that motivate, inspire and challenge them to succeed

Focus Area 4

Develop and manage material sources to maximize student achievement

Goal 4.1 Align all support functions to achieve high performance
Goal 4.2 Fiscal resourcefulness and accountability that provides adequate financial and personnel resources to maximize student achievement

Focus Area 5

Increase Stakeholder understanding, trust and support of public schools

Goal 5.1 Create and sustain meaningful relationships with stakeholders that increase student achievement 
Goal 5.2 Build stakeholder trust and confidence
Goal 5.3 Recognize student achievement
Goal 5.4 Increase community and parent involvement to insure exemplary student achievement and attendance