School Safety and Response Plan: Recovery

What recovery efforts have been identified?   Group Icon

Provide guidance for stakeholders regarding access to resources after a crisis event

Ensure the recovery components of school safety plans exist.

Collaborate with local and state health agencies to provide crisis counseling services

Camden Family Connections
Faith-based organizations 
Local mental health providers
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What key roles and resources are used during the recovery eff

Crisis Counseling Response Manual

The Crisis Counseling Response Team Guide is a procedural summary for school personnel in the event of a staff or student death. The guide contains:
Procedures for establishing a district and school based crisis team & roles for each member 
Actions for annual review of team and roles
A step by step guide for how to intervene from verification of death through the following day of school 
Prepared statements for front office staff and teachers to foster a unified response
Detailed checklists for each person on crisis counseling response team

Inter-agency communication, as well as instructions for informing staff, students, and parents

Crisis Counseling Response Teams

Crisis Counseling Response Teams have been created to respond to the death of a student or teacher during the school year. The teams are both school level and district level and are prepared for a quick and appropriate response to tragedy with the intention of assisting students and staff with their mental health needs. 

On-going provision of emotional support by Student Services Personnel

The Student Services Department will assist students with on-going needs post-incident to ensure a smooth transition to routine and to offer emotional support. Both school social workers and school counselors are trained to respond to these needs.