Operations & Facilities

Operations and Facilities
Building Safety Requirements:

  All facilities have a comprehensive school safety plan based on best practices from GEMA (Georgia Emergency Management Agency). These plans are updated for the current school year.  

 • Camden County Schools has developed a Crisis Counseling Response Team.

 • Through a cooperative effort with the Camden County Sheriff’s Office, three resource deputies have been hired and assigned to the elementary level.  This is in addition to the resource officers provided by the Kingsland Police department and St. Marys Police department. There will now be one deputy per three elementary schools, one resource officer at each middle school, and two resource officers at the high school.

All facilities are monitored by surveillance cameras.

All schools conduct regular fire, lock down, intruder, and severe weather drills.

 • The Camden Area Public Safety Committee has been formed.  The committee has been created to promote safety and security in Camden schools.  There is representation on the committee from local law enforcement, Camden County Schools, fire and rescue, and the local EMA director.

Upgraded doors and access controls are being installed in the schools.

Facilities Use Form


The purpose of this document is to streamline the request for facility use process for all stakeholders involved.

Directions for Completion:

Portions of this document (blue) may be completed electronically; however, all pages must be printed and reviewed at a meeting with the appropriate school principal/designee. Original signatures and initials in all YELLOW boxes are required.

1) Complete an application for the requested school site. The completed request must be submitted forty-five (45) days prior to the scheduled event.

2) The principal/designee will review the request, discuss the fee schedule with the applicant and either approve or disapprove the request.

3) The applicant will provide payment in advance for the full amount as determined by the principal/designee.

4) The Facility Use form along with payment from the requestor will be forwarded to the superintendent/designee for final disposition.

5)The requesting organization will be notified of the status of the request. 

Facility Use Request Form