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Communications Coordinator
[email protected]

Emergency Communication

In any emergency, it is important for everyone to rely on timely and accurate information directly from the school system and local and state officials. All official announcements regarding schools will be made through SchoolMessenger automated calls, emails or texts. Information will also be shared on Camden County Schools’ website and Facebook page, local radio stations KBAY 106.3 and WECC 89.3 and the Tribune and Georgian website. Rely on these sources for official updates regarding all weather decisions.

Keeping your information up to date is the best way to ensure you receive official messages. Ask friends and neighbors with students to be sure they are receiving our messages. If not, they can easily update their contact information in PowerSchool by logging into PowerSchool and choosing the Year Round Update option to enter current contact information.

Open Records Requests and Open Meetings

Open Records Requests
Pursuant to the Georgia Open Records Act (OCGA50-18-70 to 50-18-77), all public records are available for inspection and copying unless they are specifically exempted from disclosure under law. 

All Open Records Requests to inspect or copy records must be made in writing to:

Dr. Jonathan Miller
Deputy Superintendent
Camden County Schools
311 South East Street
Kingsland, GA 31548
[email protected]

Open Meetings
The Open Meetings Act provides that an agency may not hold a meeting covered under the Act without having provided due notice of the time and place of the meeting, a preliminary agenda of the meeting and a publication of the summary and final minutes of the meeting afterward.

The proper notice includes posting of a written notice at the regular place of the meeting at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting and notice to the local legal organ in which Sheriff's sales are published and any other media who request such notices.

Use Of Student Photographs/Video Footage

The Camden County School System utilizes student photographs/video footage to recognize students for awards and achievements and to publicize school activities and events. Unless otherwise requested within 10 days after enrollment, photographs/video footage of your child or you may be used for the purposes indicated above.
Social Media Use Guidelines

Camden County Schools social media accounts are provided for the district and community by the Camden County Schools Central Administrative Offices. These pages are, and should be, updated frequently in order to exchange information with our community, celebrate the achievements of students/staff and communicate timely information.

Posting of comments on any Camden County Schools Social Media page is at the discretion of the page administrators. These guidelines are in place to protect the privacy and rights of Camden County Schools students and staff. Naming specific employees or students in a negative way will not be allowed. The page administrators will review postings to make sure they do not run afoul of the rules nor of the district’s guidelines regarding the use of technology.

We welcome your thoughts and comments and look forward to what you have to say.

However, we will not leave postings up that:
• Break the law or encourage others to do so. This includes respecting copyright and fair use laws.

• Discriminate on the basis of gender, age, race, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, disability, socioeconomic standing or non-proficiency in English language skills.

• Easily identify students and/or staff in defamatory, abusive or generally negative terms.

• Do not show proper consideration for others’ privacy or are considered likely to offend or provoke others.

• Are spam or unsolicited advertisements– i.e. repeatedly posting the same comment or comments that are simply advertising/promoting a service or product.

Postings will be deleted/hidden/removed, as well, should they contain:

Comments that are unrelated to the posted topic.

• Profane, threatening, embarrassing, harassing, bullying or racist material.

• Material that is likely to disrupt the learning environment.

• Lewd, vulgar, sexually suggestive, obscene or pornographic content.

• Content that violates or promotes the violation of school rules.

• Political lobbying.

The page administrators reserve the right to remove (or decline to post) any comments at any time, for any reason.

If you have a comment or would like to report an inappropriate comment for us to review, e-mail [email protected]