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Located on the southernmost coast of Georgia, Camden County Schools is on a mission to motivate, inspire and challenge our students every day. Our school system serves the diverse needs of over 9,000 students between our nine elementary schools, two middle schools and one comprehensive high school with a 9th Grade Center.

School News

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School Digger Ranking
SchoolDigger.com, a website that uses school data to rank schools nationwide, recently released their 2020-2021 rankings and Camden County Schools earned 6th place ranking for traditional school districts in Georgia. The rankings were based on academic performance for the past school year.
In addition to the top ranking, Camden County Schools earned five stars from SchoolDigger. Camden County High School, St. Marys Middle School, Sugarmill Elementary also earned five stars, and every other school in Camden earned a four-star rating. Congratulations to our schools for doing an outstanding job and under such challenging circumstances!

Quarantine Update

Quarantine Protocol
Important Reminders

Mask Requirement

Mask Requirement in All Schools and Buildings

Mask Requirements

Who is required to wear a mask?

The mandatory mask requirement will be in effect for all students, staff, and visitors in our schools, buildings, and on student transportation. 

Are there any exceptions?

Exceptions based on medical needs for students and staff must be documented by a physician and that documentation will be treated as confidential and retained in the office of the principal. Some students with disabilities may be exempt based on individual needs as determined by the Director of Special Education. Staff members may remove their masks when students are not present and social distancing from other adults is possible. Students and adults may remove their mask when they are eating or drinking, or other activities approved by the principal.

Do we need to provide a mask for our student or is one provided by the schools?

We ask parents to provide reusable masks for their students, but we will be able to provide masks for students who are unable to provide one on their own.

Can you wear a face shield instead of a mask?

Every student, staff member, and visitor needs to wear a mask. Face shields can add an extra layer of protection and be worn in conjunction with a mask. We have been advised by health authorities that a face shield does not offer the needed protection if a mask is also not worn. 

What are requirements for masks?


  • Cloth masks with multiple layers of tightly woven, breathable fabric
  • Disposable masks constructed of multiple layers of non-woven material
  • Gator style face coverings that are doubled to create two layers


  • Masks made of thin fabric that doesn’t block light.
  • Masks made of lace, mesh, or a similar fabric that appear see-through when held up to a light source.