School nurses are champions for student health and well-being in Camden County Schools. They work tirelessly to ensure a safe and supportive environment where every child can reach their full potential.  This is achieved by promoting and protecting student health through preventative measures, early intervention, and comprehensive health services.

How We Support Your Child:

School nurses are the backbone of our health services program. They perform a wide range of duties to ensure your child's well-being throughout the school day:

  • Health Assessments and Monitoring:

    • Conduct health screenings to identify potential health issues.

    • Monitor growth and development.

    • Assess vision, hearing, and scoliosis.

  • Health Management and Intervention:

    • Develop individualized care plans for students with specific health needs.

    • Manage chronic conditions and medications.

    • Provide ongoing health counseling.

    • Collaborate with parents, teachers, and other healthcare providers.

  • Special Needs Support:

    • Participate in IEP development for students with special health needs.

    • Implement health management protocols for students with special needs.

    • Collaborate with families to address their child's health needs.

  • Emergency Preparedness:

    • Develop procedures for responding to acute illness, injury, and emotional disturbances.

  • Communicable Disease Control:

    • Promote and participate in immunization programs.

    • Identify and report contagious diseases to prevent their spread.

  • Health Promotion and Education:

    • Deliver health education programs to students on various topics.

    • Counsel students on sensitive health issues.

    • Promote healthy lifestyle choices.

    • Advocate for a healthy school environment.

  • Collaboration and Resource Development:

    • Serve as a resource for staff, administrators, and curriculum development committees regarding health education.

    • Connect students and families with community health resources.

    • Promote health career opportunities.

  • Leadership and Development:

    • Offer health counseling to staff.

    • Engage in research and program improvement initiatives.

    • Assist in developing health policies for the school district.

By providing these comprehensive services, our school nurses play a vital role in fostering a healthy learning environment where all students can reach their full potential.

Contact Us:

For any questions or concerns regarding your child's health, please contact your school nurse or the Camden County School System Health & Wellness department.