Dr. Tracolya Green

Dr. Tracolya Green

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I am truly honored to serve as your Superintendent. Camden County Schools has earned a reputation for providing academic excellence and extensive, exemplary opportunities that extend beyond the classroom. The people in our organization and community take pride in making a difference for our students' lives every day!

The school district is the heart of the community. The foundation of our success is built upon several core values:

  • We exemplify excellence and integrity in everything we do.

  • We make all decisions based on what is best for students and under the premise that ALL student can learn and experience success.

  • We're a team that values diversity and the strength of our differences. Everyone has value and will be treated with respect.

  • Everyone is responsible and accountable for their actions and results.

  • Our actions reflect that our most valuable assets are our students, most valuable partners are our families, and most valuable resources are our teachers.

As Superintendent, I am committed to giving Camden County Schools my best. My vision is centered around fostering a compassionate and inclusive environment that prioritizes staff & student well-being, academic achievement, operation efficiency, and stakeholder engagement. By investing in professional learning for leaders and educators, leveraging advanced technology, employing conservative spending practices and maintaining transparency in decision making, I intend to lead this district towards a future where every student thrives and experiences success.

Dr. Tracolya Green

Superintendent of Schools (Lead Servant)

Strategic Plan Vision The Camden County School System graduates all students prepared to achieve lifelone goals and to contribute to society. Commitments Preserve & Protect Our Identity, Build Trust & Confidence, Empower & Edify, and Be the BEST. Mission We will ensure educational excellence in a safe and nurturing environment where all students reach their potential and become full-option graduates (ready for enrollment, employment, and/or enlistment) and productive citizens. High Academic Achievement & Growth for all students. Increase content mastery of essential knowledge and skills in all content areas. Ensure all students demonstrate academic growth. Equip all students to graduate ready for enrollment, employment, and/or enlistment. Highly Effective Staff Recruit highly effective diversified staff. Develop and maintain effective professional learning aligned with student success. Nurture and sustain the capacity of human capital. Student-Focused Culture Provide a safe and inviting school environment. Support and maintain expectations for student attendance and behavior. Establish and maintain positive relationships with every student. Effective & Efficient Operations Provide operational support in all areas. Create and maintain safe and inviting facilities. Use fiscal resourcefulness and accountability to provdie adequate financial and personnel resources. Strong Family & Community Engagement Create and sustain meaningful relationships with all stakeholders. Increase effective family engagement. Increase effective internal and external communication.