Dr. James Mcarter

Dr. James McCarter

Director of Students Services/Title IX Coordinator

Phone: 912-729-5687

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Empowering Students from Enrollment to Graduation

Camden County Schools' Student Services department is dedicated to providing a well-rounded educational experience for all students. We offer a variety of programs and support systems to help your child succeed, from their first day to graduation.

Keeping Your Child on Track

Regular school attendance is crucial for academic achievement. Our clear and easy-to-understand attendance policy/regulation outlines excused absences and provides guidance on submitting excuse notes.

Attendance Support: See the list below for excused absences and our note policy to keep your child on track.

  • Excused Absences:

    • Illness (student or immediate family)

    • Religious holidays

    • Government-mandated appointments

    • Unsafe conditions

    • Voter registration

    • College/career visits (with approval)

    • Visiting military parents on deployment (up to 5 days)

    • Other emergencies approved by the school board

  • Note Requirements:

    • Written by a parent/guardian within 2 days of return

    • Explain the reason for absence

    • No emails accepted

Academic Success: Looking for extra help or alternative learning options? We offer programs to personalize your child's education and ensure they reach their full potential.

Our Ombudsman & Camden Success Academy Educational Services programs provide a lifeline for students who are struggling to stay on track for graduation. This alternative program offers a supportive, non-traditional classroom environment to help students achieve academic success and earn their diploma.

Ombudsman & Camden Success Academy Sites:

  • Camden South - (912) 882-4051

  • Camden - (912) 576-7333

  • Kingsland - (912) 576-3003

  • Camden Success Academy – (912) 729-8378

Additional Student Services:

Beyond the programs mentioned above, Student Services encompasses a wide range of services to support your child's needs:

  • Social Work: Our social workers connect students and families with resources to address social, emotional, and behavioral challenges that may impact learning.

  • School Counseling: School counselors provide academic and career guidance, helping students develop strong goal-setting and decision-making skills.

  • Health Services: School nurses promote student health and well-being, providing basic care and referrals.

Together, we can ensure a positive and enriching learning experience for all Camden County students!

Title IX Grievance Procedures

Notice: The District is required by Title IX and its implementing regulations to notify employees, students, parents or legal guardians, applicants for admission and employment, and professional organizations holding professional agreement with the District that the District does not discriminate on the basis of sex in the operation of its education programs or activities, including admissions and employment.

Contact information for the District's Title IX Coordinator is located on its website and in all handbooks or catalogs that the District makes available to employees, students, parents or legal guardians, applicants for admission and employment, and professional organizations holding professional agreements with the District.

Inquiries about Title IX and its implementing regulations may be referred to the District's Title IX Coordinator, to the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education, or both.

Tribunal Hearings

A school district student tribunal hearing is a formal process used to address serious student misconduct. It's essentially a court within the school system, designed to determine whether a student violated the school code of conduct and, if so, what disciplinary action should be taken. These situations can involve anything from fighting to academic dishonesty, depending on the district/school's specific guidelines. The hearing itself is led by a neutral party, often a contracted hearing presider, district representative or lawyer, who listens to presentations from both the school and the student (or their representative). Witnesses may be called, evidence presented, and both sides have the opportunity to question each other. After considering all the information, the tribunal panel issues a decision, which could range from a warning or detention to suspension or even expulsion.

Disciplinary tribunal procedures are governed by the State of Georgia Public School Disciplinary Tribunal Act. (O.C.G.A. § 20-2-750)